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Molecular Biology activities

The activity of Hematology Applied Molecular Biology was born in 2008. GRADE Foundation made available funds to purchase equipment and recruited three medical practitioners in this field. The team developed some research lines, gaining some very good scientific feedbacks on some of the most prestigious international reviews.

Manipulation Cell for radioactive drugs

GRADE Foundation purchased in 2006 a Manipulation Cell for Radioactive drugs. It allows to carry out – in safety conditions for operators – an innovative radioactive drugs therapy, to treat the Limphoma.

Blood products beamer

GRADE Foundation purchased in 2005 a blood products beamer: this is an innovative, simple and sure equipment, to be used only by a few number of practitioners, who can devote themselves to the patient’s treatment.

Cell biology laboratory

Open in 1998, thanks to a GRADE Foundation’s contribution, Cell biology laboratory is equipped for the manipulation, the study and the culture of bone marrow, representing an essential complement for the transplant processes.

Bone marrow transplant

GRADE Foundation gave Santa Maria Nuova Hospital some bubbles, which have allowed to make – since 1996 – hundreds of bone marrow transplants (25 cases per year, on average). Transplant biology goes with them. It offers some scholarships for practitioners and biologists, to apply and improve the new transplant techniques.

Umbilical cord project

The project, funded by GRADE Foundation, allows the collection of the cells present in umbilical cord, become today a new and important source of stem cells, which can be used in the marrow bone transplants.

Comfort for hospitalized patients

GRADE Foundation has carried out some actions to improve hospitalized patients’ comfort at Hematology Ward. Some of them are hospitalized for a long period. Grade purchased Tv sets, videotapes, fridges, air-conditioners and armchairs.

An apartment for patients and their families

Thanks to GRADE Foundation, patients and their families, resident outside Reggio Emilia, can freely benefit from an apartment near the hospital, to have a foothold during the treatment path and the frequent medical checks.

Computerization of Hematology Ward

GRADE Foundation has contributed to the computerization process of Hematology Ward, buying personal computers and specific softwares, to put online the stations and to make the patient’s visits path more uniform.

Purchasing equipment for Hematology Ward

GRADE Foundation, thanks to the fundraising actions, has bought armchairs for chemotherapy and other equipments, to improve patient’s comfort and the efficiency of the rooms in which therapy is given.


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