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“My story began on a Monday afternoon, ten years ago. That day, returning from school, I felt myself tired, more than usual. More the hours were passing, more the tiredness got worse”.

The following morning, I woke up more and more tired, and I found to have a yellow skin tone. Me and my parents, worried by the situation, soon called our doctor. He said me to go and visit at Reggio Emilia hospital for a suspect C hepatitis. On march, the 25th, 2004, while I was waiting for the visit, I fainted in the waiting room. I well remember the date, because it was my mother’s birthday. Soon after, I was admitted at Infectious Diseases Ward, because of a very small quantity of red blood cells. Soon after, they gave me the diagnosis: Hodgkin’s Limphoma.

At that time, my treatment path began, until to a complete healing. In the same year, while I was finishing all my treatments, I found that they had diagnosed the same disease to a girl I knew. She became one friend of mine because of this “affinity”.

The illness made me the possibility to meet wonderful people and made me the possibility to grow wiser very quickly. I was young when the illness was found. I was only 14. I would like to forget everything, during the first time after the healing. But now, I know to be able to talk about my disease, and I know that talking about it makes me happy.
GRADE is a Foundation that helps you to go beyond the experience of a disease, to talk with people who have a part of their past such as yours.



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