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The day after I came to Santa Maria Nuova, Reggio Emilia hospital, the doctors told me I had an Acute promyelocytic leukemia. The first month into the hospital ward passed quickly: drips, chemotherapy, transfusions became my everyday activities. Thanks to my soul of an entertainer, I did not abstain myself from entertaining my roommates, who were in some worse conditions than I was. But I had my private talk, Facebook. On the free blog I found every comfort, every information, every love I was needing. Yes, because close to me, the person who promised me love, left me.
My body was becoming to change, and I was watching it. Shaved off hair, the swelling caused by therapies, the walleye caused by vesanoid pills, a damned acid. I went out only for a couple of weeks, and I tried to solve the problems of love and friendship. But everything deteriorated. I returned at hospital with a great depression. Nobody could understand it. I tried to do an extreme act, jumping out the window, but the nurses gave me Tavor early, making me lose the sense of reality.
After this second admission, I had a third one, that seemed to me only a whim. My body, after the great crisis, was healing up, and my clinical values were stabilized. I spent the last admission passing through a chat and the other. But, chemotherapy is devastating at Day Hospital. I spent four days at home with nausea, and very low values.
After one month, I’m at home, I decided not to put the wig, and I’m deflating, I’m starting again as a normal person. There is no more PIC on my arm, and now I can dress as I like. The man who made me suffer, has decided to go again, but friends, the true friends are always here at my home, at dinner time and at supper time.



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